Founded in 2012, VIA Model Management with a results-oriented approach in the industry, positioning our models as the preferred choice for individuals seeking advanced skills to compelling images and presentations that deliver the desired outcomes for brands.

VIA Model Management has established itself for representing and developing models for international brands, ensuring placements in key European fashion markets such as Milan, Paris, and London, along with significant markets in Asia and the United States. Our success is highlighted by partnerships with wellknonw networks like IMG, ELITE, NEXT, WOMEN, and prominent independent agencies such as Monster, Oui, The Fabbrica, Why Not, The Hive, Premium, Premiere.

by beeing able to provide rare and quilty images for the clients via models work for work for wellknwon brands such as LVMH, Inditex (Zara, add more brands here), and H&M, and other brands that aim for the highest standart of image quilty.

At VIA Model Management, we strive to be the preferred partner for those seeking highly developed skills and a results-oriented approach in the industry. Our focus on understanding the market and the needs of our clients allow us to offer value and meet demand, ensuring that our models, clients and partners are well-positioned for success.


As a mother agency, we are well-known for our expertise in the development and management of careers of German, Luxembourg, Swiss, Austrian, Dutch and Belgian models, and for our ability to secure opportunities and bookings with high-quality commercial and luxury brands for our talents.

When working with VIA, models can expect personalized guidance and, as soon as they are skilled and prepared, strategic introductions to industry professionals, as well as placements with the most respected agencies, to build their international modeling careers.

With extensive experience in both fashion and marketing, we will work closely with models and their parents to carefully plan and execute a successful long-term career plan. We strive to be a trusted advisor, guiding and mentoring our models every step of the way to help them achieve their goals in the fashion industry.

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Interview by Ludwig Henne from QVSTA in 2020, titled: "Meet the founders of germanys high class mother agency"

VIA Models in one sentence?
We`re passionate, straight forward and caring.

Tell us about your scouting approach - what's your focus and why?
Our current approach at VIA is very selective and we only sign talents that have a high chance of becoming a successful international model. We lay our focus on not only the physical appearance of a model but also their professional behavior as well as character and overall vibe. The models we start to seriously develop have to be into modeling with their heart and soul, because otherwise it's unlikely for the model to connect with clients and therefore to have a good career.

How did the journey of VIA Models start? What motivated you?
In 2012 immediately after my bachelor, I decided I have to start my own mother agency together with Dominik, who is the co-founder of VIA. While I had found a great New Face, we had to create a name, logo, website, bank account and so on in one week. Our first successful models were signed and also we organized the first days of Berlin Fashion Week from there. We worked non-stop. It was such an exciting time. ...